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About Us

Rhodin represents the new vanguard in management consulting. We pair imagination with design for innovation. Add brilliant execution, and we bridge the distance between business strategy and customer experience.

Rhodin provides management consulting to leading companies across many industries in the US and Europe. Our knowledge, experience and excellence in execution allow us to address immense challenges and capture results that others cannot. We are a team of senior-level professionals with deep functional and industry expertise passionate about identifying and solving the most critical issues for our clients, while positioning our clients to lead and sustain ongoing efforts.

Our team thinks differently.

Rhodin is the trusted advisor to the world's most admired companies. We stand shoulder to shoulder at the crossroads and address the most significant challenges with experience, agility, intellectual curiosity, a passion for solving complex problems and excellence in execution. Our people offer a rich diversity in education and backgrounds and have the range of expertise needed to tackle clients' most critical issues. We are diverse, but are bound by one thing—a shared ability for helping clients build internal capability, get to the real issues and reach practical, long-term solutions.

We have high aspirations for our clients.

Rhodin finds nothing more satisfying than to share our knowledge and use our entrepreneurial talents to help clients address their toughest challenges. We bring integrity, a sharp analytical mind, creativity, and the ability to engage people at all levels in an organization. Our clients welcome us because they see we are bound by a shared set of values and a culture of support, trust, respect and interdependence. Our view of leadership is clear: we help others realize their full potential, while recognizing that every leadership path is unique.

Strategic Operational Excellence

Strategic Operational Excellence

Where is the organization today? Which opportunities should the organization pursue? What changes are required? What are the key processes and capabilities that will achieve the organization's objectives? Is it clear how the processes, technology and people will combine to deliver value? These are the questions we help our clients answer through our structured approach to understanding your strategic direction, operating strategy and business platform architecture.

We engage Strategic Operational Excellence to define competitive advantage.

Rhodin's experienced veterans from industry and consulting, working alongside client executives, determine where opportunities exist across the following dimensions to accelerate and sustain performance improvements: change management, planning, delivering, operating model and performance management. Our diagnostic and execution experience allow us to rapidly identify where resources and capital should be directed to maximize competitive advantages, cash flow and ROI.

We design Operational Excellence systems that match the organization's DNA.

We assist clients in designing and implementing their own internal Operational Excellence Systems, performing Strategic Operational Excellence Assessments and providing support and leadership to Transformation Journeys. We believe that continuous improvement should be driven as as integral component of a strategically defined Transformation Agenda.

Process Transformation

Process Transformation & Management

Who is accountable for critical end-to-end business processes within your organization? Are they afforded authority equal to the accountability? Are the operational levers understood that drive customer value? Is the work to deliver customer value defined and consistently performed? Are performance expectations clear to all engaged stakeholders and current performance constantly visible? Are people trained and empowered to remove barriers to performance? We help clients determine their status against these Process Transformation & Management Best Practices and implement a proprietary Process Transformation & Management Framework to ensure sustained high performance. Our proprietary framework was developed and tested under live fire in a Business Process Outsourcing – Shared Services client environment.

Many companies have applied process excellence tools (Lean, Six Sigma) resulting in countless success stories. Most companies, however, still struggle with translating largely project-based principles and practices into daily operations. This leads to a plethora of examples where strategic initiatives, transformational changes and Lean Six Sigma project results have not been sustained.

Process Management, the application of Process Excellence principles and practices into daily operations, uses a simple set of building blocks or “operating fundamentals” to provide the platform necessary for high, sustainable performance. We strongly believe and have empirically demonstrated over time, that Process Management is the foundation for Process Excellence. Since proofing the concept, the Rhodin Process Management framework has been improved, tested and refined in multiple organizations and industries. We have established a Process Management Toolkit to enable rapid deployment within a discrete process, across an end-to-end process or value stream or throughout the entire enterprise.

Strategy Deployment

Strategy Deployment / Policy Deployment / Hoshin Planning

Expert strategy deployment is the coveted advantage of the world's highest performing organizations, yet it is achievable by everyone. Once engaged, a tailored strategy deployment program becomes leadership's constant companion for asserting actions that are both measured and measurable, for staying on track, for improving visibility and accountability, as well as for rewarding employees aligned with the company vision. With excellent strategy deployment, every action strengthens competitive advantage by continuously delivering customer value.

We translate customer expectations into enterprise change.

At Rhodin, we bridge the distance between strategic direction and structured continuous improvement using an integrated approach with a focus on customer value. We know from experience that a keen understanding of real customer value and how it is created informs the core strategic imperatives and the “vital few” breakthrough objectives which define the transformation agendas of the most successful organizations. We strengthen the company's operating platform by identifying Level 1 end-to-end processes capable of delivering the breakthrough objectives and by determining which processes need to be transformed, by how much, using what resources. By helping leadership implement analytical rigor into their annual planning and monthly management review procedures, Rhodin strengthens a foundation for wealth creation and sustained performance.

We build a culture of continuous improvement, where process never rules out random inspiration.

We assist clients in developing disciplines for focusing on the economic forces most likely to impact success, for identifying the most promising sources for growth, and then allocating and managing resources for optimizing those opportunities. Spurred by a broadening, more enlightened consumer market and shrinking pools of differentiation, we teach our clients to design products, services, processes, brand extensions, and even business models on the basis of customer value. Design drives innovation. Innovation powers brand. Brand builds loyalty, and loyalty sustains profits. For long-term profits, begin with design.

Solutions so flexible, your people will be adrenalized by change.

As advisors to some of the world's leading company's, our strategy deployment experts have developed the most reliable and powerful tools through which to gain insight, direction and feedback throughout the strategic journey. As effective in both intermediate and long-term planning, our approach helps organizations make clear, unbiased decisions for refining corporate strategy, managing business portfolios and developing productive business unit strategies. In a market made more complex by the interdependence of a global economy, a globalization that requires local knowledge, the rapid expansion of resource consumption, and the increased role of government and regulation, clients benefit from our world view and our disciplines for designing, testing, implementing and refining high performance business strategies.

Lean & Six Sigma

Lean & Six Sigma

We help our clients achieve world-class operations. By blending our knowledge of the world's best operating systems with internationally recognized performance improvement programs, such as Lean and Six Sigma, we provide tailored solutions governed by efficiency and simplicity.

Our ability to advise our clients is strengthened by decades of hands-on practicality in Operational Strategy, Lean and Six Sigma, Lean Supply Chain, and Human Performance. Through knowledge transfer we assist clients in solving complex strategic and operational issues, in designing business systems tailored to the organization and its unique opportunities, and in consciously building a culture of innovation.

We maintain a wide view and help clients integrate Lean and Six Sigma from the shop floor to the executive suite in order to grow profitably, optimize “consumer-led“ service operations, transform manufacturing performance, remove waste, and build capability. We enable sustainable improvement to business performance by engaging with all levels and functions within the organization. For our clients, this translates into:
• achieving the speed and flexibility required to manage change dynamically,
• becoming a powerhouse of perpetual learning for nurturing the company's discrete, persistent advantage,
• bridging the gap between strategy and operations.

Typically our clients experience tangible results within weeks and are cash positive of their investments within one-to-two quarters.

manufacturing transformation

We provide strategic advice to help clients create repeatable, reliable, responsive manufacturing processes that synchronize supply chain with factory processes and production systems in a seamless, customer-centric network. Through data-driven analysis that measures value stream and return on invested capital, we help our clients prioritize process improvement initiatives. Then we mentor our clients and build capabilities for sustaining the changes.

service operations

We help our clients design services that reflect customer perspectives and needs. Utilizing cross-functional teams, engaging Lean & Six Sigma, we design an integrated approach that optimizes customer value streams while achieving business goals regarding cost and profitability. We advise clients in the areas of: Business Support and Administrative Functions, Sales, Customer Care, and Aftermarket Services.

product development

To deliver product lines with the optimal level of market coverage, product margin and reduced operational complexity, we begin with a set of metrics that help people understand the company's goals and provide guidelines on how to meet them. We engage a fully cross-functional approach to lead team members in expanding their view beyond designing a new product line to designing a company-wide “ethos” that demands "“system thinkers” – which means, products are no longer designed in isolation. Through an approach that considers the overall life cycle of product design, our clients are accelerating time-to-market, increasing the efficiency of R&D expenditures, reducing development risk, and improving R&D capabilities.

supply chain

We help customers build competitive advantage through flexible supply chain solutions. Our solutions allow companies to drive performance and improve customer satisfaction while managing the complexities of making continuous improvements across multiple processes, organizations and countries. We advise our clients in the areas of Supply Chain Strategy, Sales and Operations Planning, Heijunka Scheduling, Strategic Sourcing, Supplier Development, Supplier Integration and Lean Distribution.


What makes our approach unique?

We deploy operational excellence strategically and translate customer expectations into enterprise change. Through thoughtful integration of operations, strategy and customer value, we help clients define competitive advantages that create a wider economic moat and improve operating models. We rely on simplification and standardization to develop a low-cost, highly differentiated platform for growth. One that eliminates waste and drives financial performance, today, tomorrow, forever.

How will Rhodin's methods work for you?

We blend an enterprise-wide view with a commitment to defining and addressing the “mission critical” processes that will accelerate speed to market, increase flexibility, improve quality, and amplify human performance. We turn disciplined rigorous processes and relentless execution into a business platform that drives increased market share in tough economic times and increased earnings across all economic cycles.

What makes Rhodin's strategy different?

Our approach is brilliantly straightforward: identify, initiate, innovate. We identify opportunity by defining customer value. We initiate competitive advantage by helping our clients build reliable, repeatable, flexible processes. We innovate growth by redesigning core processes such as strategic planning, executive training, and financial reviews.

Process Management Framework
Timeless, elegant, strategic solutions.

Why Rhodin

We offer an integrated approach to Strategic Operational Excellence. One that starts with customer value and never stops delivering high performance.

FLEXIBLE. Market conditions have changed and will continue to change. That doesn't mean business performance needs to become unstable with each shift of the competitive landscape. Our structured methodology, delivered via a flexible framework, anchors the fundamentals, which take care of the quarter, releasing you to innovate for the long-term.

COMPLETE. We pair business strategy, market forces and customer value with operational excellence — and, using the right levers, initiate change where it is needed most. You drive change. It doesn't drive you.

Getting Started

Ask us. Ask us how our thinking can be leveraged to improve operational processes, streamline innovation, install meaningful measures, optimize supply chains and energize a culture of employees and partners who work together more effectively. Our knowledge and experience can be used to smooth the flow of information or to create training programs that engage your people and turn your company into a learning organization, ahead of the competition. The conscious application of our methodology not only expands the quantity and quality of strategic options, but also helps the decision makers find the up side and neutralize risk. We can influence the business model or how the company generates profit and, in turn, remove complexity and reduce cost. Finally, you can combine our thinking with the thought leadership that propels the company and never lose momentum, no matter what lies ahead.

We offer a free consultation to evaluate your needs and further discuss our offerings. Companies who are interested in pursuing an engagement receive a formal proposal. If you are interested in a consultation, please call +1 860 213 1465 or contact us at info@rhodinllc.com.

Contact Us

We believe better solutions come from collaboration, so we maintain the highest of standards in service and people and work as one team. Our teams are handpicked, selected for different specialist skills. We execute strategy and tactics that are integrated and integral quickly, decisively and flawlessly, even under the most challenging circumstances. We do not discuss client work.

We would be pleased to talk with you.

Market conditions have changed and will continue to change. That doesn't mean business performance needs to become unstable with each shift of the competitive landscape. Our structured methodology, delivered via a flexible framework, anchors the fundamentals, which take care of the quarter, releasing you to innovate for the long-term.


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